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Guide to success in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Guide to success in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

By on Dec 25, 2015 in Gaming |

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a game which will allow you to climb up on the ladder which leads to A-list of celebrities of the Hollywood.  So, in short words, you will start this game as nobody and your task and your goal will be to rise to the mega-star status. Simple in the words, interesting in game, and satisfying when you do it. Those are the words I would say if someone asked me to explain this game in as few words as possible.

But, this is not an article that is based solely on those few words, this article is here to explain only the clothing part of this amazing game . I can’t cover all things this game has, and I won’t try that. But, I will explain few interesting things about it as best as I can.


Clothing you wear will in most cases signify your status in the world of stars, and only the best clothed starts attract the attention of crowd. Explaining every detail about clothing system in this game would take five or six times more space than I have and due to that I will shorten it as much as possible and still convey basics of it to all of you. At the beginning you will have plain clothes that are free, but as you rise you will have to buy new clothes, all different types of clothes to keep with the fashion. Wear wrong clothes, that are not the fashion everyone else follows and everyone will laugh at you. Just like in the real world. You have to keep up with the fashion, wear all the new things other successful people are wearing and only through that you will keep your fans attached to you and draw more people who have healthy fashion sense.

kim_fashion But fashion in this game is one of the main points and it goes deeper that words I have described it with. When I say it goes deeper I talk about hearts and stars system of clothes. A lot of clothes have stars and hearts attached to it. These clothes will give you bonuses if you wear them to different gigs. But remember to keep up with fashion at all times. Well, apart from the first few weeks of ingame time. In those weeks it doesn’t matter what you wear because you are nobody.  Haircuts don’t have either stars or hearts rating and you can choose any at no penalty to your rating.

Buying clothes that have rating and not wearing them provides you with points too. If you want more points from those clothes you can take selfies while wearing them. Those selfies can be taken at different locations and with different people to increase number of the points received from them. But if you want to succeed the fastest and not break the bank while doing so, you may want to check out this awesome kkh android hack. It will help you get everything you need in a matter of minutes, and it will give you much needed boost!

This is the most basic explanation of clothing system this game has. I could have mentioned different types of clothing but I wouldn’t have time or place to explain it in enough words for anyone to understand. There are advanced guides on this subject and I recommend everyone to go through them. Your gaming experience will change forever!