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Hungry Shark Evolution – game review

Hungry Shark Evolution – game review

By on Dec 23, 2015 in Gaming |

Hungry Shark Evolution the 5th game in the Hungry Shark series, which was initially released in 2012 and created by Future Games of London. This is most likely to be the final instalment of the game, but it is continuously updated by the creators. By far, this is the most complete version of the game, with amazing graphics and numerous features, which make sure that the game is fun and that you want to play more. Based on more than 3 million votes, the game is graded 4.5 on iTunes and Google Store, which shows that there are certainly many satisfied players. If you are old enough to remember Ecco the Dolphin, that used to be played on old game consoles, you will notice a resemblance and see what the inspiration for this game was.

The point of the game is leading a shark through water and devouring everything that comes in the way, while avoiding the dangers such as bigger sharks, underwater bombs, jellyfish and porcupine fish, which can damage the health of the shark and eventually kill it. Every game has a mission to be accomplished, and other than that, the everlasting mission is to keep the shark alive and at the same time collect coins and gems you can later use for buying items or getting a new type of a shark.

Hungry-Shark-Evolution-Full-icoLike in any other game, there are plus and minus sides to this one as well. To start with the negative aspects, since there are fewer of these, we will start from the maps – of which you have only one and you can purchase additional two. On the other hand, the maps are large enough so they do not get dull too soon. The map is created so that searching for the particular objects comes down to randomly swimming around instead of following a plan. Sometimes the objects disappear without any logic, because they seem to be generated only in a small area around the shark’s current position. There is also a slight resentment on the animation, because the eating is poorly animated, unlike the rest of the game.

On the plus side, there are certainly many more aspects. First of all, graphics of the game is brilliant, and both the models and the background objects are 3D and rich in details. The number of fish and creatures (including humans) to eat is huge, as well as the number of dangers to avoid, which makes the game interesting and versatile enough.

Movement and turning is well animated, and the commands are simple – you move the shark in any direction by sliding your finger on a screen, and when you want to devour a creature, you give your shark a boost by tapping and holding a finger on the other side.

It may take a while to get used to the commands if you are not a regular player of these kinds of games, but it does not take too long and it is suitable for everyone. If you are sold on the game and you wish to progress faster we advise you to check out this Hungry Shark Evolution hack and cheats tool that we came across, it helped us quite a lot. Check it out and you won’t know how you managed to play without these tips and advice! You’re welcome 😉