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All about Instagram

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All about Instagram

There are a lot of websites designed to bring people closer together. These websites are called social network websites and there are a lot of them. The most popular ones are of course Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These websites are great for expressing your thoughts and meeting new people. They are created for mixed purposes, but if you’re more of a person who likes only to share photos and look at other people’s published photos, then Instagram is the right choice for you.


If you’re tired of reading all the tweets and statuses and you simply want to look at photos whole day, Instagram will be the answer to all your prayers.

instagram photoHere’s how it works. First, you have to download an app to your phone and create an account. In order to create an account, you will have to provide information about your name, email address and username. You will be asked to upload a picture of yourself, which is optional and to add a bit more about yourself (also optional). After activating your account, you will be able to import contacts from your twitter account, facebook account or to simply find someone by their name or username. You will be able to follow anyone, including people who aren’t your friends, which means you will be able to follow celebrities, some cool groups or anything you like. You can find a lot of helpful hints that will improve your profile and help it appear better. The great thing about Instagram is that it’s all out in the open. You can either browse only the things people you follow uploaded, or you can even go broader, browse the things your friends liked or things similar to the things you’ve liked before. There is no end to the feed you will be getting, if you want to browse it nonstop without looking at the same picture twice, you can.

If you are new to this social media network, you can always search the web and find tips that will help you learn how to take perfect Instagram photos, that many people would like to see.

Instagram will remember your preferences, which means, if you like dog pictures, you will receive more and more pictures of dogs. The same goes for anything else.

food photo instagram

Instagram is mainly created for people who regularly use their phones, and the only way to upload a picture on Instagram is via phone, but there is a program made for PC that allows you to browse pictures as if you were on your phone.

Instagram is also great for gamers, there are a lot of accounts made purely for gaming and a lot of great game developing companies have Instagram accounts. If you want to follow your personal favorite game wherever you get the chance, then make sure to follow it here since you will be getting a lot of new information. The companies we’re talking about include PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and many more. If you don’t want to miss out a thing, follow them and be among first to know how will the content of a new game look. There is almost always a long description beside the picture, which means a lot of information can be gathered from there. Who knows, maybe the release date of the game you’re looking forward to first appears in the description of an Instagram photo.

Guide to success in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

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Guide to success in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a game which will allow you to climb up on the ladder which leads to A-list of celebrities of the Hollywood.  So, in short words, you will start this game as nobody and your task and your goal will be to rise to the mega-star status. Simple in the words, interesting in game, and satisfying when you do it. Those are the words I would say if someone asked me to explain this game in as few words as possible.

But, this is not an article that is based solely on those few words, this article is here to explain only the clothing part of this amazing game . I can’t cover all things this game has, and I won’t try that. But, I will explain few interesting things about it as best as I can.


Clothing you wear will in most cases signify your status in the world of stars, and only the best clothed starts attract the attention of crowd. Explaining every detail about clothing system in this game would take five or six times more space than I have and due to that I will shorten it as much as possible and still convey basics of it to all of you. At the beginning you will have plain clothes that are free, but as you rise you will have to buy new clothes, all different types of clothes to keep with the fashion. Wear wrong clothes, that are not the fashion everyone else follows and everyone will laugh at you. Just like in the real world. You have to keep up with the fashion, wear all the new things other successful people are wearing and only through that you will keep your fans attached to you and draw more people who have healthy fashion sense.

kim_fashion But fashion in this game is one of the main points and it goes deeper that words I have described it with. When I say it goes deeper I talk about hearts and stars system of clothes. A lot of clothes have stars and hearts attached to it. These clothes will give you bonuses if you wear them to different gigs. But remember to keep up with fashion at all times. Well, apart from the first few weeks of ingame time. In those weeks it doesn’t matter what you wear because you are nobody.  Haircuts don’t have either stars or hearts rating and you can choose any at no penalty to your rating.

Buying clothes that have rating and not wearing them provides you with points too. If you want more points from those clothes you can take selfies while wearing them. Those selfies can be taken at different locations and with different people to increase number of the points received from them. But if you want to succeed the fastest and not break the bank while doing so, you may want to check out this awesome kkh android hack. It will help you get everything you need in a matter of minutes, and it will give you much needed boost!

This is the most basic explanation of clothing system this game has. I could have mentioned different types of clothing but I wouldn’t have time or place to explain it in enough words for anyone to understand. There are advanced guides on this subject and I recommend everyone to go through them. Your gaming experience will change forever!

Hungry Shark Evolution – game review

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Hungry Shark Evolution – game review

Hungry Shark Evolution the 5th game in the Hungry Shark series, which was initially released in 2012 and created by Future Games of London. This is most likely to be the final instalment of the game, but it is continuously updated by the creators. By far, this is the most complete version of the game, with amazing graphics and numerous features, which make sure that the game is fun and that you want to play more. Based on more than 3 million votes, the game is graded 4.5 on iTunes and Google Store, which shows that there are certainly many satisfied players. If you are old enough to remember Ecco the Dolphin, that used to be played on old game consoles, you will notice a resemblance and see what the inspiration for this game was.

The point of the game is leading a shark through water and devouring everything that comes in the way, while avoiding the dangers such as bigger sharks, underwater bombs, jellyfish and porcupine fish, which can damage the health of the shark and eventually kill it. Every game has a mission to be accomplished, and other than that, the everlasting mission is to keep the shark alive and at the same time collect coins and gems you can later use for buying items or getting a new type of a shark.

Hungry-Shark-Evolution-Full-icoLike in any other game, there are plus and minus sides to this one as well. To start with the negative aspects, since there are fewer of these, we will start from the maps – of which you have only one and you can purchase additional two. On the other hand, the maps are large enough so they do not get dull too soon. The map is created so that searching for the particular objects comes down to randomly swimming around instead of following a plan. Sometimes the objects disappear without any logic, because they seem to be generated only in a small area around the shark’s current position. There is also a slight resentment on the animation, because the eating is poorly animated, unlike the rest of the game.

On the plus side, there are certainly many more aspects. First of all, graphics of the game is brilliant, and both the models and the background objects are 3D and rich in details. The number of fish and creatures (including humans) to eat is huge, as well as the number of dangers to avoid, which makes the game interesting and versatile enough.

Movement and turning is well animated, and the commands are simple – you move the shark in any direction by sliding your finger on a screen, and when you want to devour a creature, you give your shark a boost by tapping and holding a finger on the other side.

It may take a while to get used to the commands if you are not a regular player of these kinds of games, but it does not take too long and it is suitable for everyone. If you are sold on the game and you wish to progress faster we advise you to check out this Hungry Shark Evolution hack and cheats tool that we came across, it helped us quite a lot. Check it out and you won’t know how you managed to play without these tips and advice! You’re welcome 😉

5 Reasons Why We Like the Internet

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5 Reasons Why We Like the Internet


The Internet is very useful convenience of a modern time that enables us to connect with the entire world. The reason for its popularity probably lies in its necessity in the life of the common man. The more we use it, the more we need it in our everyday life.

Here are top 5 reasons why we like the Internet
Access – Thanks to the technology the Internet now can be accessed from almost everywhere whether we are using home computers, laptops or mobile device.
A wealth of information – The Internet becomes the modern source of information on any subject that we need. It is the biggest library in the world that offers the people opportunity to update their knowledge. It is also the best place for people who want to gather more information about their hobbies. Thanks to the handful of how-to-do articles, we can also develop new skills and interest on a given subject. Information of all kinds imaginable is available almost instantaneously.
Social media conceptCommunication – It has never been easier to get in touch with people since the Internet also offers the variety of options in terms of communication. Services such as email, social networks, and online chat give people the opportunity to communicate with their friends and family from all over the world at any given time. There is a large selection of social networks and the most popular are: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and
Education – Education is another way to use the Internet. We can access information that we need for any research. We can also practice our knowledge with different exercises that can be found on the Internet. And if you wish to increase our knowledge on particular subject, we can always consult Wikipedia, which is the biggest encyclopedia in the world, and learn everything we need to.YouTube is another place where you can find lectures on various subjects for free.

Online education is also available using the Internet. Many sites offer online courses for those who want to learn various things. This type of education is very useful for people who are not able to acces these courses in the places where they live.

Entertainment – The Internet also offers us different kinds of entertainment that are so easy to find and download. We can listen to our favourite music, watch and download movies and read books.
Many people enjoy playing games on the Internet as way to relieve themselves from hard and stresfull day. Whether you are looking for  arcade games, sport games, simulation games or casino games such as roulette or online pokies games , you can be sure that the Internet has them all.
The Internet grows as the nubmer of its users grows, as well.It offers us numerous services that make our life easier and that save our time and money at the same time.
We can only imagine what the future holds in the terms of this media. It remains to bee seen.